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Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs


I feel much safer knowing this.

We all know those terrorists are using social media to promote their cause and communicate with one another. Now those terrorists are going to be identified and caught before they can do anything. It's foolproof!

I mean, It's not like they could come here and *not* give the agents the names of the terrorist Twitter accounts they've used, right? We could just ask them if they are coming here to blow things up or shoot a bunch of people, which seemed like the perfect solution for a while, but eventually someone realized that the terrorists could lie about it. But the thing about asking about social media-- it's genius, because no terrorists are going to think to lie about THAT. They wouldn't begin to have the wherewithal to make a dummy Twitter or Facebook account just to give to the government goons.


It's all security theater... of the absurd.

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