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"There wasn't time to undo the amount of voter resentment that such a level of persistent arrogance had accumulated"

How would we know if there was time? No-one even attempted it. All the Remain camp did was keep pushing ever-more-insane threats and declarations of how it would be, literally, 'the end of Western Civilization'.

The warnings about the very genuine horrors that we're gong to have to put up with now were being drowned out in hysterical hyperbole and threats of 'punishment budgets', and no-one, at any point, bothered offering a plausible plan to reform the EU in a way that would address some of the concerns people have with it... mostly because no-one bothered to ask what those concerns were, they just assumed it was all working-class xenophobia and racism. Which is now largely what the Remainers are blaming it on, too.

Both campaigns were truly awful (for Leave, Nigel Farrage's copied Nazi poster; Gove's shout-out to anti-intellectualism; just anything Boris has ever done), but Remain's campaign managed to take a country that pretty much wanted to remain in the EU and managed to produce an Out vote through completely failing to engage the voters at all. Project Fear was a thing - it's been the favoured tactic of Cameron's entire time in office in fact - but now it's lost it's teeth.

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