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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Current Pm has resigned?

Well has he or not. It would seem he is the proverbial child that can't get his own way and walks off with the ball so no one else can play. Well mr whatsyourname Pm. Its not your ball to take away.

To leave the allegory and return to fact, you are employed to do a job, you take the money and position and you agree to do as the emploer directs. You have been told to remove us from the EU. Get on and do it. if you don't like it tough. Leave immediately and let someone who can do what his boss tells him, get on with it.

Hell 99% of the population have to do what they are told, even if they don't agree, but they do it because they have respect for their position and at the end of the day its the boss' money.

You tried to paint yourself as an honourable man doing the best for us but you show yourself to be just another grasping politician holding on to money and position while trying to block the will of the people.

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