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Israel is not the same

Security, in Israel, is not a buzzword. They do not need to examine your Facebook profile, they're examining YOU - something the TSA / border agents simply cannot fathom.

The USA has, for the past 50 years, put 100% of their efforts in electronic intelligence. It seemed to be a good choice because their territory is far from any conflict (thanks to the meddling of the CIA, but that is another subject entirely). That choice failed badly on 9/11, and has not shown any significant success since.

Israel does not ignore electronic intelligence, but it uses something that is much more efficient when confronted with actual threats from people who do not have the means to organize on Facebook ; it uses what used to be called HUMINT, aka Human Intelligence, aka actual, on-site observation. If you haven't yet, this page is a good read.

As a counterpoint, some people argue that the Israeli model does not scale. To that, there is only one response : 9/11.

Real security requires real effort. The TSA does not put in the effort, ergo, the TSA is useless.

You can apply the same rule to border agents. It is way much easier to get people's Facebook profile and slam them for a few drunken party pics or a stupid tweet than it is to find actual terrorists.

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