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Brit living in Ireland. Signed the petition. Why not? I'm a British citizen who never imagined the Leave group would win. Looks like I'll finally be applying for that Irish passport.

By the way, my fellow British subjects, here in Ireland we are torn between (1) the prospect of being the premier majority English speaking country in the EU with all the benefits that will accrue to us because of that and (2) having firstly the sectarians wounds in the North reopened and secondly the entire EU project of fiscal and political integration put in jeopardy owing to a domino effect of anti-EU sentiment sweeping the continent.

As an outsider looking in may I give my perspective? About two weeks before the referendum I travelled to Canterbury. Anybody working class I talked to was adamant they'd vote Leave, on the university campus there was agitation to Remain. It's clear that the EU is being blamed for the growing wealth inequality in the British Isles. Here in Ireland, while there is anti-immigration sentiment from a segment of the population (which is laughable because we have far far less immigration than UK/FR/DE for instance), I think the majority of people realise we are better off in the EU and that though the Troika are bastards our current situation is mostly of our own making.

Next two things. First is that the financial transaction tax the UK blocked in the EU may now go through. Many view the UK blocking that as a total dick move by the way, and that was your own elites working against the ordinary person -- how does leaving the EU change that? Hint: It doesn't. Second is that I saw posters saying "Take Control, Vote Leave" which sounds reasonable until you realise that by leaving you actually both cede control and take control -- within the EU you have a strong voice to change things from within that you are now giving up.

Lastly. Though indeed a democratic process I agree it is simply incredible that such a monumental decision could be enacted with such a slim majority given how destabilising it could be on the North and how there wasn't a detailed plan of what would happen with the _only land border you have_ with a country that remains in the EU. I'm all for sovereignty and self-determination but you don't exist in a vacuum as much and all as it appears you'd like to think you do. :)

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