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To labour the analogy, the referendum is like asking people to chop off a leg without any clear idea what will replace it. One camp says that it will be the most magnificent bionic leg technology can create and will be a huge improvement on the one we have at the moment; the other camp says we'll be lucky to have a leg at all and will have to make do with a shitty stick while the stump goes slowly gangrenous. Now the vote has happened our friends in the EU are demanding that we need to saw it off without delay and certainly with no anaesthetic - oh and they might chop the other one off too. We can ask about what we'll be getting to replace it with, but only on the operating table as the surgeon hacks through the bone with a rusty saw that he's spat on for good measure. And the bionic leg lot are now saying that legs are overrated anyway and we're probably better off just sitting down.

If I were the patient (and unfortunately I am), I'd probably be asking for a second opinion....

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