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@Fibbles - I agree, I saw the same thing.

Someone once told me that an argument was like two people on their own hill shouting at each other across the intervening valley. To have any chance of winning the argument you have to cross the valley, listen to you opponent, understand their perspective and then put your arm around their shoulder and walk them back across the valley one step at a time. You will never win it by shouting at them from afar and, most importantly, you have to listen.

No one did that, from either side. Each side pandered to their own supporters prejudices and insulted the opposition. Perhaps (given the result) in the end the remain team were slightly worse than the leave team. I think that those that did change their mind were mostly pushed away from one camp to the other rather than attracted.

But the failure to accept the result is just the nadir of the whole debacle. The democratic process (no matter how shoddy the rhetoric) has taken its course and the result is in. To deny the result is deny the process and to deny democracy. If you wish to overturn this result then you are saying that you no longer want a democratic society and whatever you believe the risk of leaving the EU will be to Britain, trying to undermine democracy is a far, far bigger risk.

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