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MPs of Europe unite: Listen up big biz, air your tax deals in public

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Bad move

"...and retained earnings in each jurisdiction they are based..."

Cool, so each country outside the EU can immediately see how much they need to offer each company in order to entice them away from the EU..... real smart.

And companies that do their deals in Caymans can see how much their EU competitors are paying, but the EU company can't see the same of the Caymans lot. Because while this "public" disclosure would happen in the EU, it wouldn't happen in third party countries outside the EU.

Better to keep it secret and revealed only to tax authorities in confidence, since its commercially sensitive info.

"Meg Hillier MP, chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said:..."

And what has a UK body got to do with the EU?? If you want transparency you can always force UK companies to disclose their tax affairs with the inland revenue publicly. EU is not your business now.

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