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Re: I guess it's good then that I'm a citizen and not a visitor....

And, for similar reasons, as a non-citizen it's a good thing I have no intention to visit there.

I agree. It appears my list needs amending:

1 - TSA. 'nuf said.

2 - Data shakedown at the border: they can take any device off you and do whatever they feel like with it, even keep it for a while. Which could even include INJECTING data for later entrapment. Did you piss off any important US company of late? Or did you invent something important that a US company doesn't really want to pay for? Oh, and details of any social media use, please.

3 - The way foreigners are treated. Unless they have a "cute" accent like British, but God help you if you happen to be non-white. I'd be extra careful: don't get as much as a sun tan, a mistake is so easily made when there are no real consequences attached to it.

4 - Lots of private gun ownership and next to no control on it. And quite a lot of "rampages" and "accidents". Oh, did I mention you're a foreigner? You can't have any to defend yourself either. Maybe someone should set up shop selling at least bulletproof vests. And armoured vehicles. Police killing people does generally not have consequences either.

5 - Privacy? You're kidding, right?

6 - Legalised theft by the people who are supposed to protect you. It'll be even easier to do this to you as a foreigner because you'll stand no chance in court, living abroad and all that. Ka-tching!

Every time a US politician uses the word "Freedom" you know they're lying (well, more than usual).

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