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Freedom of speech includes also

Freedom of speech also includes the Freedom to remain silent and the right not to listen.

I do not have an account on F***book, I do not have an account on Tw*tter, I do not have an account on Cretinogramm and I am considering closing down the LinkedIn account.

Does this disqualify me from the visa waiver program (*)?

(*)ESTA went completely overboard in the last 3 years. When I filled my Esta in 2011, it was a page of data. Filling it again last year - there were two pages asking for all kinds of irrelevant crap. In fact, in my case it could not be filled (unless you deliberately enter invalid data). The idiot who coded the web front-end did not comprehend the idea of "I have a cittizenship of country X, but I do not hold a valid passport with that country"

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