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I recently went to the UK. There were 6 staff, 3 of them helping people trying to get through the automatic gates (oh the incompetence of Jacqui Smith revisited, so many desks empty replaced by automated systems that don't work and people don't want to use. They even have a woman just to push people into the biometrics channel when she spots a biometric passport, and they have a desk allocated to people who try to get through that channel but the system fails to let them through). A long queue, wasn't anywhere near 2 hours, but then it was early morning and I was in the much shorter 'Brit' queue.

I see a family get part way through the electronic system, their kid couldn't use the machine, a split unhappy family with kid on the wrong side of the gates and no-one to guide him to the bloke who fixes this shit up.

Handed in our passports, man reads long long long paragraph on his screen, I try to read what's written on my file from a reflective badge he has, but fat chance... I see a few short fields, and a long field filled with black words. Thinks to self, "shouldn't I be able to read my own file? I bet a local community support officer can pull up more government data on me, than I'm allowed to see.". In the olden days he would just have the valid legal passport and no distracting private info to read through, now though he asks if I'm here for another family visit.

Got my bags... very slow how spread out is this airport?! My bag had been broken into, nothing taken, zip lock bust, the USB charger in that bag seems to have changed from the 1.55A model to the 2A model... *a free upgrade!?*... this one has Russian writing on it but is otherwise identical. How did they know I wanted to upgrade that charger?!

Visit friends, Smartphone gets a 'custom OS' when connected to friends Wifi. Friend is a politico, busy campaigning on Brexit side.... oh right you lot are having a Brexit vote, that explains a lot. Does his phone need charging because I have this handy new charger?!

Finally get out via Heathrow, get the lane with the miserable guard who insists on opening every bag. No it's not literally a tin of "toxic waste".

Was "nanny state" now "stasi state".

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