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'murican airports

Decide to go on holiday to America.

Plane lands at JFK airport, all the American passengers start clapping as the plane comes to a stop GOOD JAAAB, GOOD JAAAB CLAPCLAPCLAP.

Hamburgers start falling out of the overhead compartments. American passengers start paying tips to the other passengers based on their in-flight performance. Clapping intensifies fireworks and streamers burst everywhere.

F*ck this, quickly make my way to the exit of the plane other amiercans also making way to the exit they see the captain "GOOD JAAAB, YOU WERE GREAT, AMAZING FLIGHT SIR, GOOD JAAAAAB".

Enter the terminal building hamburger music starts playing greeted by an immigration officer he already knows my name, age, address and the exact time (to the second) i took my last shit because NSA.

Still hear faint clapping and screams of "good jaaaab" coming from down the other way. The immigration officer says i need a cavity search he sticks his fat sausage fingers into my arse i'm in so much pain, his fingers are easily as girthy as a pringles tin.

OK SIR, GOOD JAAAB WE'RE ALL CLEAR HERE hands me a 20% tip. Walk out of the cavity search room and are greeted to a round of applause from a group of overweight americcans GOOOOOD JAAAAAB.

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