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> By the way, there is a significant difference between throwing toys out of the pram and taking a full unconditional responsibility for what you have done.

Democracy in action means everybody takes full and unconditional responsibility. If the minority had the better idea, then it's their own fault for failing to articulate this complicated issue clearly.

> So my only wish is that the geriatric majority which brought us this vote takes the responsibility proportional to the way they voted ... CUT the pensions ... CUT all treatment for diseases prevalent in the 60-90 population in the NHS ... CUT from the budget share for care services.

So, all the sacrifices should be made by the demographic that you perceive made you lose? I'd talk more but I can't hear you over the sound of these toys clattering on the sidewalk.

FWIW, It looks like a crazy choice to me, but voters get the politicians (and the consequences) they deserve.

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