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@ "LA isn't so desperate for cash that we need obnoxious morons like that Irish kid in our country."

No, its already has its share of intolerant obnoxious people, Bob. It doesn't need any more of you.

"Many claims are made here that people don't publish nefarious activity on their Facebook pages. But experience with people who have committed violent, heinous crimes shows that's not true."

aka "Hindsight bias", whenever there's a crime, they go look at everything said and re-interpret it in the light of the new deed. So if this guy got into trouble, people like you would interpret "trash LA" literally, even if at the time its clearly meant metaphorically.

This is the "speech as terror" meme. If your algorithms cannot identify outliers that are domestic terrorists & criminals, you make the output of your filter the crime. Here their filter cannot determine metaphors, so the metaphor is treated as literal and a "speech = deed = crime" rule applied.

Today its applies to British allies, tomorrow it will apply to Americans, i.e. you.

TSA: "watch what you say Americans, if you want to cross a border, your words might count against you."

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