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This is not about security

It is about population control. Compliance of the masses.

I was publicly humiliated over ten years ago, just going to Berlin. They made me take my belt off and my trousers fell down. It's happened to quite a few people. Pretty funny. Waddling like a penguin, trying to juggle my laptops through the machines, with a North Face Rucksack full of blank CDs (I left the kiddie porn in the house, I'm no mug!).

There was one bloke behind me that did not like the fact the customs were taking so long to check out my computer equipment, so he got a bit annoyed with me and jumped in front, after verbally abusing me. That guy still doesn't know how close he came to a serious fucking beating. I have impulse control though, unlike him, and he lived to fight another day, until he did it to someone, who is not so in control of their adrenaline surges.

You see, he wanted to attack them, but he could not, so he attacked me (in a not so passive-aggressive manner). To attack them meant full on defeat for him, where as I was a soft target. Maybe I would kick back, maybe I wouldn't - he wagered I wouldn't - and he was right, but for the wrong reasons. One of those bullies that gets his own way, until one day he doesn't, like that bloke who murdered his beautiful little daughter recently and got life.

Traveling should not be full of these hormonal rushes and surges. It's hard enough anyway. Jet Lag (that's just after the train delays from Paddington that put you into a different time zone). Lost your passport. Etc. etc.

I found that getting drunk and a bit lairy actually helped, as no one really wants you to kick off, it's just extra work for them, and no terrorist is gonna be so stupid as to get larupped before boarding a plane. I wouldn't recommend this line of 'attack' now though.

No fucking way would I go to the States. Funny, because I would actually like to go and live there and start a new life for myself. Teaching kids computers, musical instruments. Oh and I have a vocational outlook as well where I have pledged the rest of my life to look after the sick and the dying.

But treating me like a cunt, does not endear me to you ol' land of the free home of the brave.

I don't hate you. I pity you. And it's not because of your freedoms. It's because you have no fucking freedom at all anymore. Trump will win and then the shit will really hit the fan. I hope. All legal and above board.

I'm a Trump supporter by the way. But maybe not for the reasons you imagine. :-)

Bring it on. Indeed.

Babylon's burning, Babylon's burning.

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