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Clearly you've never been at the sharp end. There are several problems that all intersect and collectively they can kill patients that aren't even critical. First and foremost, staffing is inevitably affected adversely by computerization - ward clerks? Licensed vocational nurses? Who needs them, we have computers now! The typical hospital administration loves "paperless," low staff, nursing and doctoring. I know of one "healthcare" provider whose administrative board includes ONE doctor, who has no veto just because chairman - well trained in ***Hospitality (Hotel) Management*** (really) wants to hire - this a true story - people with a Disneyland staff attitude. Skill is not important. Really, its not. SMILE WIDELY and get out the iPad - "Oh, I am SO sorry. You are going to die??? I hope you had a nice stay!!! Can you fill out a customer satisfaction survey before you die???" - CONTINUE SMILING. The food was what??? I can't write that down!!!! What's that? you have resistant staph and that's what's killing you? You don't think much of the isolation practices??? What are those??? I am only trying to find out if you liked your stay ma'am. So you didn't?"

Then there are interfaces. I know of one "healthcare system" that bought accounting software which some idiot convinced the administration could be "retasked easily" to handle health care records. (Why do these lab values have dollar signs?) The "ease" was a dillusion and the end result is an on-going catastrophe. Then of course there is the Windows problem - hospital staff do not have TIME to waste learning new interfaces every time some knuckle head thinks they can make the screen look "better." There are many horror stories about computers in hospitals and very few good ones. Every second staff spend doing computer work (or paper work to be fair) is time the patient doesn't benefit from. Every time a staff member accidentally clicks the wrong square in some "form" and doesn't catch it because they are also being paged overhead and via the phone for a code [whatever] is a time some coder's poor understanding of how things work in a hospital could kill someone, even someone who shouldn't have a problem. And, very much more to the point, healthy people don't go to the hospital! The case are OFTEN "odd ball."

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