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Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition


I don't understand the need for the petition - I'm fairly sure we just had one where a couple of million people went to little temporary offices (lets call them polling stations), they took a piece of paper and selected their choice by putting an X in a box.

There is a name for that... Oh thats right, its a democratic voting system...

Yes the leaves only had it by a small margin, but unfortunately you don't get to do it again and again until you get the vote 'YOU' think is the right one - that is NOT a democracy...

Rightly or wrongly, educated or not, smart or stupid - it is the decision of the people who bothered to vote...

I'm neither pro not against - simply because I don't think it really matters, as long as the same 'type' of cockwomble runs the country we are only heading for ruin... (just a case of do we run or fall into it)

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