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"You quickly learn how to ensure you always have your badge with you. After all people also take care of their car keys, or they may not be able to get back home. AFAIK medical personnel working where radiations are present must carry a dosimeter."

And YOU just as quickly how often people STILL leave the damn things behind, skipping lunch and going hungry, requiring a cab or a ride or a locksmith, or simply walking home in the pouring rain. This IN SPITE of every precaution. Plus, losing access to critical information just when a Code Blue hits is NOT GOOD.

PS. I think they found that when it came to appendages that are used quite often, like the arms, hands, and digits, they found yet another dilemma. A tough installation can't read half the time, and a realiably-readable one tended to break too often. Again, waiting for a replacement in an environment where time is critical is a no-go.

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