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While I understand the theory, practice is often different. Cards DO fail, not good when you are one side of a door and doctor is the other. Never mind maybe someone will help them through, shame about your notes though. Still a replacement card should be available in 1~4 working days. Dangling gizmo things look so trendy in infection control areas. Proximity devices can be useful until they get lost, dropped, left in another jacket or so on. Sadly, one size fits all does not fit all and even more sadly not only are all people not the same neither are their jobs the same either. Not even everyone in the hospital has the same skill set or job description. There is still a lot wrong with the management and control of most hospitals but treating all roles with the same pat 'treatment' is not the answer. Human and job role factors must be considered. Should task and access 'tokens' ever leave the site or should the site have improved methods of issue and management?

Too many questions for those outside to have a hope of answering, too many questions for those on the inside to have time to generate easy answers.

I use a proximity fob system at home so I am well aware that they can be useful, I used a card system at work, so I am also painfully aware of failure rates.

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