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all brexiteers aren't racist but all racists are brexiteers.

No. Huge swathes of the Asian population voted remain. And you have no idea of the racism they rejoice in.

The koran is 80% hate speech, says one ex-muslim

Indias new goverment is profoundly anti-pakistan and anti-islam.

Sikh-pakistan gang rivalries are common on our streets.

You may have been conditioned to see racism as the property of the unsophisticated white lower classes. Don't be fooled. The unsophisticated brown lower classes are ten times worse...

Just look at the middle east! Its it a Peaceful Utopia? Hell no. Its seething along racial and religious fault lines, Communities that have been peaceful (if repressed) are now on the boil, and bringing their ethnic conflicts with them as they flee their homelands.

Why is xenophobia so common?

Could it be, that deep down in our subconscious, we know it makes sense? That the strange tribe is more likley to trespass on our property and mores, simply because it sees us as strangers, and has no loyalty towards us?

In this place, we reckon ourselves to be intelligent rational human beings. So lets start behaving like ones, instead of opening pre packaged microwavable instant 'all racists are brexiteers' knee jerk comments.

The world is not that simple, and all the easy problems were solved thousands of years ago. What we have left are the really hard problems, and there are two right stinkers in play right now.

One is summarised by Quis custodies ipsos custodiet? - How do we keep people we have appointed as public servants, from trying to initially rule us, and finally exploit us? The Iron Law of Oligarchy says that they inevitably will. Our only defence is democracy, and perhaps once in a lifetime, it really matters.

The second problem is the scarce resource problem : In general if there is enough of everything an entity needs to grow, it will grow. If it runs out of something vital, it cannot grow. Humanity has experienced dramatic and explosive growth, because it was short of one thing - energy - and the industrial revolution harnessed first coal, then oil, to allow it to reach new levels of population. That growth has, in the West largely halted for the last decade and a half. WE have run or are running out of something.

The politics and economics of expansion are well understood. Why not be nice to strangers. There's plenty of room and an extra pair of hands is always welcome. The politics of contraction are not so nice. Faced with an inability to bake a bigger cake, the game is zero sum. People end up fighting over crumbs.

Simple liberal ideology says we should divide the cake equally (but somehow we seem to be dividing it less equally the more 'liberal ideology' is in play,. and its the liberal ideologues who seem to get most of it), but is this, in the end, a successful strategy?

Which is more likely to survive? A society that has at least some well fed, well educated and healthy people, or a society where everyone is uniformly embroiled in poverty, ignorance and disease?

IN 6 decades I have watched adherence to these liberal ideals, transform the country where I live from one which had a privileged core of people who were better off in every sense and better able to manage its affairs, to one of almost uniform mediocrity. IN which almost no one is capable of managing its affairs, which seems to me why they are content to let Brussels do it for them.

And if you think I am arguing for am elite, damned right I am. What do you think we have now? When Diane Abbott, social justice warrior and one time Corbyn squeeze, gets to send her kids to a private school? The iron law of oligarchy says there will always be an elite, so stop believing there shouldn’t be one.

That is not the real problem. The real problem is in a time of diminishing expansion and scarce resources, what sort of elite should we have and how should we control them?

Well it seems to me - YMMV - that what we need is an elite that has the best problems solving ability of all, a very broad range of experience and is bound by a code of honour - my gosh, what a very old fashioned idea - a code of honour that says 'you can have your power and your wealth and your privilege, but it comes with a price tag attached, and that's called noblesse oblige The sworn duty of the elite to protect their people, come what may, no matter how squalid and plebby you think they are, because there but for the grace of god, go you.

And if you think Jean Claude Drunker, has an ounce of honour anywhere in his alcohol pickled body, you are welcome to emigrate.

Brexit isn't about what you think it is. It is a deep subconscious reaction to modern events and modern life, and a deep sense of anger and betrayal of the people by elites who have no honour, who have broken the oldest social contract in the book, that says 'I will work for you, and support you, and let you have all the trappings of wealth and power and privilege, if you look after me'

And the elite have trampled all over that contract. Have taken the wealth and the power and te priviilege,. moved it offshore and to Brussels and left the people to rot.

And to add insult to injury, they have said 'and if you dont like it, there's millions worse off than you who would kill for a chance to have what you have'

And imported them, and they have killed.

Which raises the final point to question the received wisdom of politically correct virtue signalling Leftism.

Does charity begin elsewhere? Or should we put our own people before those of other nations?

Well you can think in whatever ideological and abstract moral terms you like, but if you put other nations citizens in front of your own, you can't expect a huge amount of support from your own can you?

In the end what is likely to count is which societies survive and prosper and which disintegrate. Societies bound together by strong ties who feel like one big family, and who strongly resist forces that tend to disintegrate them, that feature elites who have a sense of responsibility, rather than arrogance, will prosper.

My experience is that those who voted remain, all belong to a single urban class, who, by and large are doing all right, and think themselves to be pretty smart and educated. And who haven't seen their jobs taken by immigrants, or their schools overrun by people who dont speak English, or their factories closed because EU directives have made them unprofitable. Or just left to rot on the sink estates of the North, or had EU inspired gypsy camps or wind farms shoved next to their housing estates.

Of course you may think that these people are beneath contempt, bigoted racists, and don't matter.

Unfortunately, whilst they have been deprived of almost every other form of political power, someone made a mistake and left them a vote.

You who voted remain, you are the parvenus, the 'I'm all right Jack's' who have been upwardly mobile, arrived at affluence and been told that you are indeed mighty smart. YIu have been issues with yoiur liberal left progressive rule book, you idolised Tony Blair, and you think you are so clever, and classless and free...well remember the next line in the song

'You are all ***Ing peasants as far as I can see'. Because you have no honour, no noblesse oblige. Faced with Gillian Duffy, all you can do is dismiss the entire experience of her life, her political aspirations, her sincere worries and concerns with 'just some racist bigot'.

You are the privileged. You are about to learn the price of privilege. That if you do not take care of those less privileged than yourself, they will not support you. And that means respecting their experience, and listening to them, and sincerely trying to make their lives better.

THAT is the social contract that makes societies that prosper. Not some hand wavy airy fairy 'progressive' ideology that craps all over them because they aren't as smart and sophisticated as you are.

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