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What it has come to is that a large percentage of the country are not necessarily racists, but complete idiots who bought the lies that the STAY campaigners unashamedly spun.

These were the same lies the anti EU campaigners told when Britain first joined the EU (or common market as it was then). They were lies then and they are lies now.

Did Lloyd's go to Europe? NO

Did any English banks or businesses move their head offices to Europe? NO

Etc Etc

Does the EU prohibit the making of old style English sausages, bananas over a certain size, etc, etc, from now being made or imported into the UK. YES

Staying in the EU will not address any of the challenges facing the UK in the 21st century.

BUT it will make it FAR easier in tackling them because the dead hands in Brussels will no longer be trying to balance 20 nations differing agendas. This means that decisions that now take years will only take months.

Those funny accented people that you up market Londoners never see, so cannot understand are the source of a percentage of our woes like a shortage of medical and educational facilities because the population has far outstripped the taxpayer base? They're not going back to where they came from, and no-one expects them to BUT others are not going keep flooding in.

This reduction will SLOWLY cause those here to assimilate more and cause many of the younger ones to adopt British ideals and, as the taxpayer base expands as a percentage of the population, allow for better education and medicine to again be provided.

So if that is what you voted against, you've been a mug.

Yes, many have got jobs and are a part of the economy that this vote has done its best to revive. No-one is going to require them to leave, any more than the millions of UK citizens in Europe are going to be forced back home.

And if you the EU has set up a fair society with progressive regulations you're an even bigger mug.

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