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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

jason 7 Silver badge

To me it now looks like it was the cleverest FU to Boris in the history of FU's. Cameron did the right thing.

As we can tell Boris never expected Leave to win. He now lives in a city that despises him and wants him hung drawn and quartered. He is now expected to stand as the new leader by a bunch of ignorant racist knuckle-draggers and soon to die pensioners that never gave any thought to their decision.

Not only that, he will have to do all those tricky trade negotiations that he never actually thought he would have to do, again surrounded by people that despise him. His nose will get so sore from all those doors slammed in his face.

He's screwed totally. And I can think of no-one more deserving of handling the UK's course to being a G30 status country at best. If he had any sense or decency he would own up and call for the vote to be made null and void.

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