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Far side of the Pond, watching.

Not having been day to day in the media over there, perhaps what I've seen offhand was not completely representative of what was in full flight.

Leave media presentation mirrored Trump's campaign, picking the lowest of denominators, inflating fear and hate, niggling "that nasty bugger over there is taking your cookie away" messages. Mostly insinuations that the money going to EU was effectively being stolen and handed to lazy, no good, invading, other (coloured/religion/political orientation/sexuality/hair style) people. Essentially the campaign appeared designed to appeal to the basest component of the lizard brains.

Remain media presentations sounded mostly like Clinton's campaign. Obfuscation, indirection, look at the cute bunnies from Europe, We'll get lots of cookies! etc etc.

At least in the US there is a third option.

What bothers me *most* (not just US election, BREXIT stuff etc) is just how much of what is being spewed by *all* the media sources out there is specifically designed from the top down to split the populace into groups. This is the *REAL* racism that is out there. More aligned with the idea that the target audience of the media needs to be alienated against the target audience of another media.

It appears to me that those running these media have every intention of enjoying sitting back and chomping on their popcorn while those of us in the trenches of life run around stabbing one another in the back/face/leg/arm/chest as frequently as we can.

Then again, perhaps I'm just awake, and not living the dream.

Beer, at least an attempt was made at a democratic process -- celebrate *THAT* at least.

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