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"I remember a pre-EU England racist from top to bottom, police happy to beat confessions out of the innocent while collaborating with crooks, governments little better, a society riddled with class discrimination."

I heard quite a number of people complaining how they remembered that joining the EU put all the prices up, especially food. I suspect they didn't realise that the prices went up because the "markets" don't like change.

Well, welcome to 2016. Leaving the EU is change and guess what? Prices are going up and the £ is falling. It'll take a while to stabilise but already the Petrol Retailers Association and The AA are saying fuel will be up by 3p a litre (13.5p/Gall) by next week. Since pretty much everything is shipped by HGV these days then everything will go up in price based on the fuel costs alone. Here in the IT industry, ALL of the hardware is imported so that's our industry into a high risk mode now. But when will the pound stabilise? There a couple of years before we actually leave the EU and all those trade agreements to negotiate. It's going to be a rocky course for at least the next 4 years.

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