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"To be fair, an argument for a meaningful majority requirement does have merit."

In no way was half of the population going to be happy regardless of the result. But redefining a meaningful majority, the EU didnt get one. This is the first ever vote for the EU (not common market). The problem with redefining is the ease of supporting any viewpoint. That is why the rules are agreed at first and then acted upon. And why there was outrage at the constant attempts to rewrite the rules when the vote wasnt certain of the 'right' answer.

We should at the very least be proud and vocal about accepting democratic choice, especially by those demanding it in general elections. And of course now is the opportunity for the remain camp. If they can graciously accept the result they can make a case to the EU to actually deal with its crisis (multiple) as well as making a case for us to not turn our back on Europe (on the whole including EU). The leave camp consisted of some racists who want to block us off as well as globalists who want to open up further than the EU allows. Now is a time to snatch victory from a defeat instead of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Or people can keep calling each other names and squabble until there is nothing left. Claiming victory over rubble is a hollow victory.

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