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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

if you were France, with all the internal problems you currently have, would you keep hundreds of police at Calais protecting the UK border

Right now I suspect they're much more worried about the idea that all those migrants might not want to go to the UK any more.

or would you allow EDF to risk going bust by building Hinckley Point.

Hardly related to the EU, that particular argument has been raging for months anyway.

If you were Germany and you're now left being the biggest and most pwerful member by default.

They were that already.

what do you do next?

Try not to be seen rubbing my hands with glee in public, while also figuring out how to keep selling expensive cars to my biggest European market without upsetting French plans to bring in swinging anti-UK import duties?

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