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Actually, Catalonia is one of the richest area of Spain. It has the higher GDP, but surprisingly people in Madrid and Basque Country earn more per capita. Ask you why...

The banks who went bad in Italy are in Veneto, Emillia-Romagna, Toscana and Marche, especially the first two among the richest regions in Italy and among the wealthiest in Europe as well. Regions that pay in taxes a lot more of what they get back.

Unlike Scotland, they want independence exactly because they are tired to see the wealth they produce dissipated by inept and corrupt governments in other areas. And they see very little EU funds. The EU is not the biggest problem. Income tax, VAT and other taxes are asked by the state, not the EU.

It looks your knowledge of "southern Europe" is very limited. Its not the EU which created that situation, it predates the EU and goes back to the XIX century, if not earlier like in Spain (which had much more issues in Basque Country).

Greece, AFAIK, has no much issue about "regional identity", but its squabbles with Turkey about Cyprus and other boundary territories which is also used by state officials to ensure military expenditures (military people and their families vote) and related bribes are kept high enough.

But it is true that a lot of EU funds for "depressed areas" are also dissipated to gain electoral consensus, without a proper auditing by EU, because it will put it on a true collision course with many governments that uses EU funds to cover their inefficiencies and keep people calm. And because EU is made of officials appointed by the state governments, officials often from the same areas who obtain the funds... guess what happens? And where's the problem? In the EU or the single states?

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