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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

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I hate to say I saw this coming. I didnt expect leave to win but regardless of who did the expectation was the same. Now I read people complaining the lines need to be redrawn and it shouldnt be a majority but a greater majority. Or complaining that who should vote should be changed to get the right answer. Even threats against those who voted the 'wrong' way. And the real inspirer's of a better future- ignore the result and people dont deserve the vote/democracy/choice.

Of course this contrasts with arguments against FPTP and demands for PR. Somehow half the population are branded (since leave won it is racists) and the real reasons ignored (economy, law, immigration, etc).

I somewhat blame the campaigns of FUD and hatred, also known as the official campaigns of both sides. I wonder if the voters can put aside their irrational oppositions and get on. Or maybe we will give democracy a bad name and something for the less democratic countries to laugh at.

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