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This whole situation and debate (and result) has galvanised me into thinking about stepping up to the plate and entering local politics - it's about time I used my skills for something truly positive.

If the country had voted remain, I wouldn't have cared whether they got more and more arse-raped by the EU as time went by (even though I would be getting it just the same).

Hopefully this feeling isn't limited to just me and will re-vitalise interest in politics. The momentum is with us, we need to take advantage of that and start making the changes that we've all been moaning about and feeling powerless about over the years.

Power to the people, we have spoken. It might not work, we might fail, apathy might once again seep in and undermine positive efforts - but things won't sort themselves out, and we now don't have our EU 'Uncle' to bail us out or prevent corrupt politicians from selling us down the river, What we have now is *our* problem.

If you don't like something, get political and see if you can get others to agree with your point of view. Grass-roots start at the bottom after all.

I'm both terrified and excited about the future, which is better than bored as far as I'm concerned. Ymmv of course :)

For those of you who aren't happy about the result, I can understand that. Be not afraid, be empowered. Do not dwell on what has gone, but on what might be - dare to dream and then put your back into achieving it. It's time our national spirit* soared once more.

Take solace perhaps in that the result could have been worse. For example, if the country voted to leave but with a low turnout, I think that would have been worse all round. However, even though there were torrential rains and local floods etc. that would normally mean a low turnout, we have a HUGE turnout. People feel empowered again - that is a positive thing and we need to build on it, together....please.

*fyi I am including all nationalities in this. Being British is a state of mind, not a question of colour or religion. It's about charging ahead and leading the way and not being afraid to try.

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