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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

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The thing that happened ...

is that a democratic country had a democratic election on a clearly defined topic. I am not happy about the result, but I think the election result and those who voted deserve respect.

Now there'll be the British experiment outside of the EU. It'll be interesting to see how a major European country will do on its own without oodles of oil money (the Norwegian way), oodles of banking money (the Swiss way), or a fishing-based economy (the Iceland way). Everybody in the EU will break out the popcorn to watch. And no, you British folks cannot have a handful, you don't belong anymore.

Now, concerning that Wembley goal, let's just clarify once and for all that is was a tragic referee error. You'd have deserved to win that game fair and square, how sad that it didn't turn out that way....

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