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"It couldn't be that people just had issues with EU in general or thought that the on-going economic crisis in Southern Europe is an unacceptable situation of which the EU holds a significant amount of blame on. "

No, seriously.

Move to somewhere out of your normal comfort zone and you will see. I have done so twice.

For 3 years I lived on a council estate with available housing as nobody wanted to move there, resident's burnt the fences to keep warm (when they didn't burn boots & shoes, yes really, suprising what people talk about while waiting for the bus). From there I moved to traditional manual labour working class city with a decimated tranditional industry. I still live in the second place and stayed because everyone was so frendly, however, I'm white, I would have gone home after the 6 months I needed to the there if I wasn't.

Before you accuse me of being middle class or elitest and not knowing poverty, put down your stones, let the man who has needed declared himself destitute for a £20 cash handout cast the first stone. I don't blame the people I live with, I blame the, so called, leaders. They are scum that later litter our lives to benefit their advantage, who else would persuade the poor to blame those who are poorer still.

The leave campaign have stirred this up to suit their own agenda, it won't stop here.

I actually saw people in my polling station with pens in hand! FFS, as if an organisation with a vote changing agenda would rub out individual votes! There are far more than a small percentage of gullible and racists, they are all Leave needed to brainwash.

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