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You are really not well informed. Gee don't know where to begin to rip your statement apart. Faux democracy in the UK? Yes you might be right but the EU doesn't elect their leaders, what you call that uhmm I'm split between dictatorship and plutocracy.

"...are now free to sell us (the citizens) down the river in the name of corporate profits & backhanders" You really don't know how the EU works do you? I suggest you get informed and start with TTIP. Oh sorry that is a secret trade agreement that we are not allowed to know what the EU is trading on our behalf. Have you ever heard of lobbying? Do you know who does the most lobbying in the EU? Corporations, and they ain't lobbying to give you a pay rise?

By the way nothing will change for you or your European friends, immigration wasn't invented by the EU.

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