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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU


OK; in simple numbers 13 people voted OUT, 12 voted IN. Well that's democracy so we're on our way out. However I predict over the next few years all 25 people will be at the very least be seriously dissapointed to put it mildly.

The 12 will mourn their lost vision of a common future where they could travel live and work in a wider community,

The 13 will be frustated at what I expect will be the slow pace of change in the things they wanted. With a distinct possibility that some things will not change and may even get worse.

And then there's the Scottish question (don't even mention the Scottish question)

From the EU point of view

if you were France, with all the internal problems you currently have, would you keep hundreds of police at Calais protecting the UK border, or would you allow EDF to risk going bust by building Hinckley Point. (without which our lights may well go out)

If you were Germany and you're now left being the biggest and most pwerful member by default. A situation the EC, EEC, EU were specifically intended to avoid, what do you do next?

Let alone the fun and games of the Euro and potential domino exits of other states..

All I can say is "Well done you" to all of the political 'elites' That highly paid cadre of supposedly intelligent savvy people whoes whole lives are based around negotations and compromise on our behalf.

You're concentration on personal advancement and blind ideology with a failure to foresee, connect and react to the wills of the people who employ you has completely screwed most of us for the next few years, Thankyou..

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