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What it is come to is a large percentage of the country are not necessarily racists, but idiots who bought the lies that the Leave campaigners unashamedly spun.

Leaving the EU will not address any of the challenges facing the UK, and the rest of Europe, in the 21st century. It will just make all of us the weaker in tackling them.

But people believed it when they were told that leaving the EU would protect us from an imminent invasion of millions of Turks, and put £350m a week into the NHS. Both of these were unapologetic lies that they are already started back pedalling on.

And guess what? Those funny accented people that you have been fooled into thinking are the source of your woes? They're not going back to where they came from. So if that is what you voted for, you've been a mug. They've now got jobs and are a part of the economy that this vote has done its best to cripple. No-one is going to force them to leave, any more than the millions of UK citizens in Europe are going to be forced back home.

And if you trust the likes of Boris or, god help us, Farage, to set up a fair society with the same progressive regulations the EU has spent decades creating, you're an even bigger mug.

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