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A new hope ... for a group of countries not very far away

I wonder whether this vote was as much a message to the political elite (UK and the EU, Brussels in particular), that lack of transparency, effectively showing contempt for the population that they serve, had reached the point where enough was enough.

A resounding clap of thunder/message has been delivered, if they were ever in any doubt.

The markets react to flatulence from any seismic event, and they get over it, eventually. Trump will be the next thing. They also react positively to good news, and good things. Let's create some. Those who continue to bray "we're doomed, it'll be misery forever" need to realise they are in a democracy, and democracy has spoken. Get onboard the train, and play the hand that democracy has dealt.

I am pro-EU, but utterly against Brussels' lack of transparency and accountability. I couldn't convince myself to remain complicit in the status quo political landscape. I helped send the message. Those who will remain in power, both sides of the channel, now have the responsibility of picking up the pieces and building something a lot better than the status quo up to 10pm on June 23rd. With great power comes great responsibility. I sincerely hope the politicians on the new project have an utterly different approach to their work than the lot that fought a bitter, negative referendum campaign on both sides. After many years of disappointment in our political leaders, we felt the need to send this message with the only weapon available to us - our vote.

Now lets get on with the work of building our governments and trading agreements far more openly and transparently than we did prior to yesterday. Opportunity knocks. Lets not be afraid of it.

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