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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU



Half my family live and work in Europe and more than half of my friends here in Brighton are Europeans living & working here, although they are at least all married to UK citizens these days so they won't have to leave.

It has put a massive question over my retirement plan, which was to be euthanisia in Belgium!

The EU's biggest effect on my life has been all the policies which have protected us from our own politicians and corporations trying to milk us as product. So I look forward to a future where the leaders of our faux democracy are now free to sell us (the citizens) down the river in the name of corporate profits & backhanders.

The irony is that any negative economic effects will be most felt by the idiots who thought leaving was going to fix a single thing that they care about.

My daily mail reading (and consequently brexit voting) mother is under the impression that she will suddenly be able to get an appointment for her hip in weeks instead of months.

Still at least we now have our sovereignty.

Excellent AA Gill article here -

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