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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

It’s a catastrophe for the European Union,

A self-inflicted one.

And I've already heard the word "repatriation" used in connection with those European workers over here.

Which is complete bollocks. There are twice as many EU workers in the UK as there UK workers in the rest of Europe. No country, including the UK, is going to be so stupid as to start playing that game, the resulting tit-for-tat would be a guaranteed lose-lose result. It's probably also illegal under "acquired rights" from the existing treaties anyway (but IANAL)

The big question now is whether the "remainers", in the UK and Europe, are willing to make the result work, or are they just going to whinge about how terrible it all is, while doing sweet FA to actually solve the problems as they arise?

At least Cameron did the right thing, if he truly was in the "remain" camp he'd never be able to put his heart into negotiating a proper exit strategy, especially since we've already seen how useless he is at negotiating for something he said he does believe in.

I'm not sure Boris would be an improvement, though. Perhaps better to find a safe pair of hands as PM (from where?) and leave Boris as the bolshie, French-speaking, leader of "team negotiate Europe".

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