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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Asterix the Gaul

23rd June 2016, the day of, 'THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION', where 'we' lead, others follow.

Celebrate this day as such for evermore.

The 'labour Party' is a national DISGRACE, it should be the electorate's next duty to the country to DESTROY it politically.

'New Labour' introduced 'devolution' to create a 'decentralised' U.K because 'wealth' & 'fairness' was absent in our political economy.

Why would a party that opted to 'decentralise' power in the U.K, go on to opt for a 'CENTRALISED'

model of power in Europe when it has rejected it here in the U.K?

The 'peasants' have 'revolted',the nation state is now to be restored to it's proper historical position as a 'sovereign' nation state.

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