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Confirming StubHub, GetMeIn etc. are the absolute worst in this. They use exclusive/monopolist deals with the promoter (assuming they're not already the promoter) to reserve enough tickets to guarantee their orders, and then take a commission plus 20% fees (at the low end) on every single sale.

The reality of it is they make no effort to hide the fact they're dominated by bot-using scumbags. If you or I go on there to sell a spare ticket as a one off we'll be slapped with the headline 15-20% commission. If you sign up to and achieve quarterly sales targets or fulfillment targets this begins to disappear. They are literally incentivising this behaviour, because they're taking a cut at both ends.

It's practically racketeering. After all, it is impossible to buy that many tickets legitimately. You have to be using bots. You have to be using many, many credit cards. No one has got 30+ credit cards lying around who isn't a devious criminal scumbag.

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