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When I was a young programmer I developed a simple tool to organize some files in floppy disks. The requirement procuration integrator A coworker had some dozen of files for an application that needed to be divided into floppy disks by category/extensions, I have no idea why.

Our hyperdedicated team of analysts, engineers and developers I wroted something simple in Turbo Pascal (yes!) that copied the files in the desired order. The technology integration evaluator user was quite happy with that.

Later that year the head of our department decided that we need a Systems Analyst/Software Engineer to "guide us" on the development, and he decided that the first logical step was to evaluate what we did in the past to tell us what we did wrong. In a first meeting he asked me to show every piece of paper produced in the meetings with the stakeholders for that small piece of software. I had to "respectfully" explain that the users' problem was solved, and I wouldn't work to justify hiring that douchebag moron specialist with pointless paperwork.

After one year, one of us was fired. Surprisingly, it wasn't me.

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