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I like the analogy to the wild west

There is a guy called Simon Wardley that talks about pioneers, settlers and town planners when describing this phenomenon and it helps me because it puts it in human terms that my fragile cortex can deal with.

When the west of the US was first colonized by immigrants it was typically the pioneers - the adventurers that wanted to break new ground and discover untold riches. Another group followed them, the settlers. Life wasn't easy for the settlers but they were effectively able to take advantage of the pioneers effort to discover new produce and then sell it back to the east. The settlers had sheriffs, and hostels, banks and bars but it was still a pretty tough and violent existence. Ultimately the town planners followed the settlers and began to develop the towns and cities that both took advantage of the new resources at industrialised scale and developed all the support structures that a growing population needed - schools, hospitals sewers and the like.

It is a pretty easy comparison to say Pioneers= innovators, settlers=early adopters and town planners = ITSM and ITIL folk. As PDH says above its a continuum - the trickle needs less management than the flood that follows.

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