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I just forked your ballon, guy!

Here's probably what happened; 1) G gets an idea for a balloon with some wifi onboard, like that's a stretch, 2) they do a search (haha) and find SkyNet, or whoeverthefuck, and approach them to share tech and do some kind of deal which is the right way to go about it, 3) $kyNet $ee$ dollar $ign$ in their eye$ and gets fucking goofy with pricing and being there first(most likely because they are charging the government an arm and a leg for this not-very-advanced tech), 4) G says go F yourself, SkyNet we can just float a goddamn ballon with a router on it too, it's not that fucking special, idiots, 5) saddened by reality SkyNet runs to papa, waaah waaah waaah!

Overcharging the government for this mostly crap idea must be such a great deal that SkyNet doesn't need any other folks doing the same for less, or for free. For Google, floating balloons with wifi is not going to make them money directly, just like the Google Fiber towns. They do it for exposure and to undercut shitty local telcos still living in the 1950s. Don't like their Google-Everywhere approach, then subscribe to some shitty carrier like AT&T and pay the same as the government for ordinary speed access for you Mr. Customer45783992418325564. BEEEEEP

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