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Keith 12

TT being the ISP that everybody seems to hate

TT being the ISP that everybody seems to hate. I've had lots of calls from customers who "get the call", from the guy with a strange accent offering to fix your PC, BT customers more often than not.

Fairly easy to identify customers with a TT ip and / or Teamviewer installed - have to question how they knew the password to logon with though, and why it was left installed in the first place?

6 years at home with TT, 80/20 Fibre for some years which in reality equates to 84/17 with less than 1 days outage over that period and a very happy customer.

TT network issues? - try taking a look at BT service status sometime...

Yup, I hate BT, nope, I don't work for TT.

Downvotes ahoy! - like a give a sh*t...

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