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facial and body-in-a-crowd recognition

First they came for my fingerprints,

and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a criminal (and they promised shorter queues at the airports)

Then they came for my number plate

and I didn't speak up, because, well, I did want to drive a car (and promised God knows what, probably criminal-free world)

Then they came up with an ID card (and promised I don't remember what, probably terror-free world)

And they only failed because of their own incompetence

Then they came for my medical records, promising, I bet, "improvements to medical care"

And I ticked all the right boxes to tell them to FO

But they took them anyway, and lost them (if they haven't, they will, sooner than later)

Did I mention DNA? Well, see "fingerprints" and "ID card" above. Both have made me, and the society, virtually safe. (virtually, getit?)

And that's just on the "state" side of things. And so it goes (on).

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