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Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does



I completely fail to see any difference to what Google did with Java/Android and what the clone makers did back in the day with the IBM BIOS. The clone makers copied the BIOS API exactly, and IBM even sued over it and lost. Those clone BIOS's are still being sold to this very day. There is extensive precedence in software for re-implementing API's.

For instance, all command-line tools have a defined API. An Oracle win would mean that you could never replace one tool with a newly written one that accepted the same API. Think what such a scenario would have meant over the years. Complete disaster would be the result and that's just one small area.

It seems to me that the folks who want to prevent re-implementation an an API want to have the protection of a patent under the guise of copyright with the API acting as the claims. If you want a patent, the you should apply for one.

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