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Short sighted idiocy...

Too many people think that once Britain steps out of the Eurozone then international trading will collapse, treaties won't work, they won't be able to run commercial airliners, etc, etc.

Such a load of bollocks.

Before we had this EU monstrosity (personal opinion) the individual countries were quite capable of setting up trade agreements and such amongst themselves. And take the United Nations, that council also exists without creating any physical links between all the seating countries.

I can appreciate that some people might oppose the idea of a Brexit, just like I expect them to respect my opinion that a Brexit is most likely going to stimulate Britain's economy quite severely (just look at all the stuff you don't have to be paying for anymore, such as the Ukraine fundings).

However, I do think you shouldn't portrait a false information based on fear, just like you also shouldn't make things look too optimistic than they are either. I can definitely agree that a Brexit might hold some negative consequences also, and I'm also not suggesting that Britain will immediately head into a new golden age.

But it's not as if a Brexit will mean the end of the world and civilisation as you knew it.

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