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Does Unicode have enough spaces?? UTF-32?? I hope not!

UTF-32 is one of the standard Unicode encodings, and has been for some time -- despite the fact that no current Unicode character uses more than 23 bits. (So, yeah, there are well over 4286578688 unused values.)

UTF-32 is very useful if you have to manipulate Unicode characters in memory because the fact that every single-glyph character (even the bonkers stupid ones like "ALIEN SMILING CAT WITH TOP HAT AND MONOCLE"*) can be expressed in a single 32-bit integer makes indexing and offset calculations very efficient. It's a fairly lousy storage format for most languages, though, because plain old ASCII characters use only a quarter of the bits available.

* I may have made that one up, but I'm sure many will now feel a need for it.

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