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HPE 'rewrites' ALM to target agile and open source folks

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

ALM, DevOps - it all smacks of consultancies who seem to have had no previous experience of real life in IT.

Assuming the project isn't a death march and doesn't get canned after go-live initial development takes a reasonably short period compared with the time spent in production. During production it gets maintained as requirements change and get added to, and maybe well-hidden bugs become apparent. Hence my contention that development is the process of launching a software system into the maintenance cycle.

Periodically this normality is apparently rediscovered by people who appear to think they've made an astounding discovery and it's given a new name. The cynical*, of course, might think that they secretly knew about it all the time but just want to hang a few new tools, courses, consultancy jobs etc. round it. They're not really as deeply ignorant as they appear, they're just selling to PHBs who don't know any better.

*Cynical - moi?

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