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But here's the question.

Since those 11K lines of code are what define the interface and the way it interacts.

That means it's impossible to reimplement the interface without "copying" (it wasn't a copy and much of it was made by machine but blah blah) those 11K lines of code.

So Oracle are saying nobody can write something that is interoperable with our stuff.

Nobody can write a drop in replacement for our stuff.

Nobody can compete with our stuff this way, any competitor has to be completely different.

As people have pointed out, Lotus v Borland was supposed to have sorted this years ago.

Being able to copyright 'headers' (instructions) is a terrible thing and I say this as a developer horrified by the way this case is going and by the idiots higher up throwing out Judge Alsups perfectly sensible and tech savvy original judgement.

You may as well use copyright to stop a guy from writing a blog piece that explains what the buttons do on a SKY remote.

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