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Check for 'de facto' standards. You're not allowed to prevent your privative standard to become a 'de facto' of the industry. That's up to the markets.

Think is that -as a general rule- you win a lot by allowing it to happen. Most are happy of this happening. SUN was. They allowed it to happen. The thing is... They NEVER submitted to any Standard Authority. They expected for people to come and LICENSE: clients, indy devs, developer Houses... Monthly bills to pay, you know.

Don't confuse here openness and standardization.

Standards can be -and lots of times are- tremendously unbalanced on the benefit of the issuer. Just check the ISO catalog. Don't default any equivalence of Goodness with Standard-Compliant.

Openness is a different avenue. Think on what Sushi cuisine did when going to USA. They tackled a natural distrust by fully opening the concept. You can actually see your meal being cut, prepared & served. Smile included.

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